How Hosting Works

Sign up to host

Create a business page. It’s like a profile page for your events.

Create a profile

Fill out a quick description and upload a profile picture and related social media accounts.

Create an event

Fill out a description of your event and set a price. This will help participants get a sense of what your event will teach.

Who can register

You determine the ages and availability. The host dashboard makes it easy for you to manage your events.

Participants find your events and register

You’ll be notified when a new participant registers for an event.

Message your participants

Messaging online lets you communicate with your participants and answer any questions they have.

Plan for check-in

Message your participants on when and where to show up.

Welcome your participants

How you handle your participants is up to you.


Most directors pass out shirts and itineraries.

How participants pay

Rawhide handles all of the payments - you never have to handle the money. Participants are charged before they arrive.

How you get paid

Your payment is automatically sent to your PayPal account 24 hours after the conclusion of the event.

Earnings & Fees

Listing your event on Rawhide is free. Rawhide adds a 10% service fee on each registration so that you get the amount you need.